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07/23/2020, 10:30pm EDT

August 15-16th atSouthgate Arena

The Detroit Fighting Irish and the New York Aviators of the USPHL Premier division have announced a joint tryout camp to be held  August 15th and 16th. The two day tryout camp will be held at the Southgate Civic Arena in Southgate Michigan. Detroit Fighting Irish head coach and his staff will join forces with New York Aviators Coach Mike Stanaway to offer opportunities at the USPHL Premier and Elite levels. In addition the teams 16-U coaching staffs will also be available to offer opportunities at the U=16 Midget level for the 2020-2021 season. 

I am excited to be able to work with Coach Stanaway we have worked together in several leagues and by holding events like this it gives us a larger opportunity to show the hockey community on the mission of the USPHL.We  provide programs where players can focus on becoming collegiate student athletes and on development. Cooperative efforts such as this gives us a bigger presence and a bigger platform not just to present our program but to give us a chance to share the junior experience and the dedication that USPHL players, coaches bring to the game everyday. Stated GM Dan Vasquez

For Aviators Head Coach Mike Stanaway whom is Michigan born and bred hockey man  even though a distance from his hometown of Marquette Michigan this is an opportunity to reach in his home region the Great Lakes and helps to build more relationships that will enable more players the opportunity to experience the USPHL. The Aviators field two teams each year one in the Elite Division and one in the Premier Division. Between the Irish and the Aviators  Club there are 3 rosters to fill and both organizations  have Midget affiliates in which they can refer younger players to keep tabs on their development

Veteran players from both organizations will be at the camp , We will have a hi-level competitive camp in which any player whom wonders if they are ready to play at the Junior level will have an opportunity to be evaluated

                             Cost for the two day event will be $90.00

Registration for the Camp can be accessed by going to the two organizations websites                                  



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