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Youth Hockey
"Greening the Game "

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Is a youth mentoring program that has been implemented by the Detroit Fighting Irish Junior Program the program which was implemented in 2014-2015 season. The program is designed to promote interaction between members of the Irish Junior Hockey Club  (Staff and Players) and youth organizations throughout the demographic region of the DFI Organizations home facility in Brownstown Michigan a southern suburb of Detroit Michigan.  

The Main Focus of the Gaming with the Green program is to promote awareness and community involvement of the Mentors while also teaching the participants the rewards of group and team participation of sport as a reward for academic excellence and citizenship

Although because of the nature of the DFI organization a (Hockey Organization) the primary marketing is geared toward youth hockey organizations both boys and girls however the program is not limited to only sports related organizations.

Each organization selected will be assigned an adult member of the DFI Staff whom has been background checked as well is a certified youth mentor. In addition dependant on the size of the organization a number of DFI team members will be assigned to that organization a ratio of 5-1 would be the desired assignment.

everal interactive sessions will be held as part of the program which will be designed in cooperation with the DFI staff and the Designated Youth Team’s Staff. Each session will involve an organization specific activity (ie  practice session-hockey) these sessions will also involve  specific time as a lecture or presentation session on which the curriculum would involve the following

  • The Importance of Academic Excellence as a necessity in all walks of life
  • Emphasis of Community and Family Involvement, Interaction
  • The Importance of proper nutrition and exercise

Each program will be designed specifically towards the age and development level of each participant group

Each Presentation will require a minimum of 90 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours and will be divided into two parts

  • Sport Specific or Activity Specific Session  ( Instructional Practice)  
  • Class Room or Lecture Segment






The Instructional interactive session will be designed with input from the participants director or coach and will involve small group instruction ( Stations Concept) with demonstration and personal instruction.

The lecture session will also be interactive with a range of topics from  Mental Preparation, Importance of Education excellence, Importance of Community, and the rewards for striving for that excellence.

The participants will also be invited to participate at a Detroit Fighting Irish home game at the team’s home facility  the Ice Box Sports Center , Brownstown Michigan.  The Date will be pre-determined and agreed between the Detroit Fighting Irish and the participant organization.  

Prior to that home date the Irish will announce and name the organization as the (organization or team of the week )  A feature article will be prepared on the chosen organization and it will be pushed out to the teams partner media sites.

The participant team will receive free tickets for the named date as well as tickets for the participants staff additional tickets for that game will be made available for the  friends and family for a discounted rate of $4:00 for adults and $1.50 for Minors and Students for that event. The member players will also receive a discount card which will be able to be used for any regular season Detroit Fighting Irish Home game for the remainder of the 2015-2016 season.

During the specified DFI Home game the participants will take place in the pregame presentation as well as activities during intermission.

All insurances and certificates are held by the Detroit Fighting Irish Junior Hockey Club and the USA Hockey for Detroit Fighting Irish Staff, Team Members and for home facilities.  The participants liability insurance carrier will be responsible for coverage of the participants organization staff and member for activities at the participant’s facility.

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